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We know your struggle. You have a amazing product or service that you believe in. You work really hard to make your business successful, but you are just not moving fast enough. You are local. And you want to be known in the local market and loved by your customers (at least before you will concur the world). We know how to help. It is cheaper than to hire a full-time marketing manager and more valuable at the same time. Starting from just $1500/month for the marketing services and you get:

- Market evaluation. You will know exactly what your competitor are offering, how they market themselves and what techniques are the most successful.

- Marketing plan that will cover your day-to-day marketing activities focusing mainly on social media.

- Daily content that you will post to your social media accounts that will not only look pretty and cohesive, but also will attract hundreds of new customers.

- Just in couple of month we will help you to shape your brand, so it will be recognized and valued and recommended by your customers.



Social Media/Digital Marketing

Our goal is to grow your brand and increase your profit by creating amazing visual and textual content.

  • COMPLETE SOCIAL MEDIA: Creating new accounts on social media, evaluating existing accounts and re-branding. Managing content on all major social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+. Growing your real followers.
  • JUST ONE SOCIAL MEDIA: Evaluating existing accounts and re-branding the one that will work the best for your business. Managing one account with daily content and growing your real followers. 
  • READY-TO-GO KIT: Want to manage social media by yourself? We got you covered. This package includes evaluating your existing accounts and analyzing your competition. As a result you get easy to use personalized guide on how to manage your social media, what content to post and how to increase the amount of followers. 
  • PICTURE SOCIAL MEDIA: Photoshoot for your business. You will get enough of outstanding visual content for your brand to get 1-2 month of social media posts covered. You can order this package even if you are not in Los Angeles. Perfect for every company with great product as well as for your personal branding. 
  • INSTAGRAM ONLY: For most brand Instagram is the way to go. If you are one of those, you can buy INSTAGRAM ONLY package. You will get evaluation of your Instagram account and analyzing accounts of your competition. Content for your Instagram that will be posted daily and growing your real followers. 
  • WEBSITE development and design.



All estimates are free and flexible according to the company size, brand and services needed.



Talented Social is the company we’ve dreamed about. They created for us amazing website on Squarespace platform, set up our Facebook and Twitter accounts, posted daily content and also took over our paid advertising on Google and Facebook. We are working with Talented for eight month and plan to continue for much longer.
— Michael K.
When we faced the re-branding of our company, we were very lucky to find Talented Social. They made all the work. Collaborating with designer team and creating a completely new website for us, creating all social media accounts, posting great content and giving us a quick start with some paid advertising on Google and Facebook. Without Talented Social our clients wouldn’t even know that we still exist!
— Nikolay O.
Talented Social did an amazing job with our corporate headshots. Quick. Top quality. Great turn-around time. Even our accountant loved her pictures!
— Kate L.



Despite on the company size you will be satisfied with the work Talented social will do for you. The content we will post for you will always be respectful, entertaining, visually outstanding and textually intriguing. And if you will decide to add to your purchase PICTURE SOCIAL MEDIA package, your brand will stand out even more. Our team is here to help your business to achieve more than you were able before.


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About the Founder

Lisha riabinina

I started my career in marketing back in 2005. I was fortunate to work with different companies developing my ability to market any product. I worked with children after school education centers, children's cosmetics, cosmetology clinic and one of the biggest photo camera manufacturers. I even advertised telescopes! My career took a turn when I decided to take some time to invest in my other passion - photography. I worked with  amazing people and local businesses to create the best imagery possible for them to use on their social media and websites. Since then I upgraded my University education in marketing with on-line course in Social Media Marketing and Online Reputation Management. Since then I worked with natural health care brands, interior design brands, business investment company, musicians and tech startups. And I am looking forward to see what your company is all about!